Jai Ma Jai Jai Ma

Yesterday was Amma’s birthday. Yesterday was also a meeting with Tim, my admissions rep from University of Phoenix. We went through all the financial aid process and managed to get me approved for more than I need for this first year of school. It isn’t much more than I need, but it’ll do, so I’m happy.

This feels like a pretty big accomplishment to me. The last few times I entered school it required a parent to co-sign on the loans. No need for that now, it seems. ūüôā

Dhanyawaad Sri Sri Mata-devi-ji!


Would you rather…

I’ve been debating something…

I work in the cancer field. I see people all the time receiving bad news. Terminal news. There’s no cure for cancer, generally speaking, and so any diagnosis of cancer is likely/potentially fate-sealing news. Sometimes people have a better chance than others…many many people with cancer, whether sooner or later, die of it. They often have little time,¬†no choice, and in many cases they have¬†no hope of escaping it.

I think of this often. Something else¬†I think of often is HIV/AIDS. Many of my community are diagnosed with this.¬†Thirty years ago, much like cancer, it meant an automatic death sentence. Often, at least in the beginning, people didn’t survive long after being diagnosed. Now, it’s more a condition than a condemnation…many medicines are available for those afflicted and lifespans of the infected have increased from sometimes less than a year to decades. I’ve known a number of HIV positive folks who have managed their diagnosis for multiple decades. Still, though, for most (uneducated) people there are outdated perceptions-stigmas-still associated with HIV/AIDS.

Blending these two illnesses in the mixing bowl that is my mind, I often wonder which would be worse to have. Something there’s no cure for, the treatment of which invariably makes you sick as a dog, and which will almost 100% be certain to claim your life…Or something which is now quite manageable, which is nowdays hardly more than an STD, but which comes loaded an entire society’s dose of stigma.


Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

I thought it would be fitting to title the initial post here in honor of my Ganesham-without¬†Whom no decent Hindu begins any endeavor. I also¬†seek my dear Amma’s¬†blessings on this work. Om Amrteshwaryei¬†Namah.

This is my first post here…I have no idea where this will lead, there’s usually a lot on my plate, definitely always much on my mind, but if nothing else¬†I’m hoping to find an escape from typical “social networking” sites. I find myself sucked in, and above all wasting time-if not just arguing with others.

This place is for my experiences, opinions and lessons learned as I go. And while I’m glad to share all of this with others, this¬†is all mine. I’ll pretty much say what I want here and if you disagree you’re more than welcome to let me know so long as you understand that at least one of two things will result:

1) I’ll¬†debate my point with you,¬†fairly relentlessly. When I’m wrong or unsure of something you’re not likely to know because¬†I usually just keep¬†my mouth shut. This means that if I’m talking about something, I’m pretty sure¬†I’m correct-mostly if not entirely. As a result many may think I’m a Besserwisser(German: know-it-all). You may openly¬†disagree with my¬†words, and I encourage you to for the sake of having me check my own knowledge, but unless you make a REALLY great case I’m likely to stay put in my thoughts. This sounds rigid and unsympathetic-I’ve¬†been accused of as much-but the truth is, I’m very very careful with my thoughts and opinions. Besides, this is a great way for¬†folks to help each other grow.¬† I’m not at all opposed to my thoughts being challenged.

In the event I realize I’ve been wrong about something, or otherwise choose to edit my view/opinion, I’ll do it and I’ll¬†do it openly-with apologies if warranted.

2) If you disagree with me, and¬†communication thereafter doesn’t seem fruitful, I’ll be editing your input at that time. I think I’ve actually done this maybe twice in my entire life because I value the input of others so very much. By this, though,¬†I mean deleting said input. This isn’t so much out of censoring your “voice” or eliminating variance from what I view to be correct as it is about controlling my own mind. I tend to ruminate in negative thoughts/emotions when resolve isn’t timely. Again this place is mine. ūüôā

Having now provided a make-shift disclaimer, I’ll close. See you around. Om Shanti Om