Sahaj Marg, Or…the Best of Raja Yoga? Part One

Three weeks ago, yesterday, I was in my first college psychology class. The teacher’s name is Joan. She’s jewish and mostly vegetarian. She’s also, apparently, somewhat hindu and it’s had an affect on my life. I’ll get to an explanation of that statement as I progress in this post. That first night of class we did a few ice-breakers while circled up to one another. Prior to the start of class an assignment was due in which we were to find two different meditation techniques, try them for a day each, record the results and our feelings and then submit this info as an assignment. While we were circled up, Joan asked us to speak about our meditative experience.

I mentioned I’m hindu and am already familiar with the notion and practice of meditation. At that time, Joan spoke up and mentioned she also employs a pratice from India…The Sahaj Marg. I googled it that very night after class.

The Sahaj Marg indeed does come from India. And while I’m familiar with bhakti yoga and jnana yoga and karma yoga, I’m much less familiar with raja yoga. This is changing.

I poked around online only a little before coming across . As best I can tell, this is the official Sahaj Marg website. Through it I was placed in contact with a local Sahaj Marg representative, technically known as a Preceptor. The Preceptor who responded to my enquiry was Janmarie. She, however, was about to leave town-oddly enough for a week-long silent retreat at a Sahaj Marg center in Texas. So she connected me with her husband, Bob, also a Preceptor.

A week ago this past Wednesday(Tuesday?) he and I met at a Starbucks. I had already studied the aforementioned website and had quite  afew notes from which to pull questions. He also brought a few booklets. We talked for a little over an hour.

The “initiation” takes place over a three day period and involves the practive’s unique form of meditation, cleaning, and transmission.