Ekam Sat…but maybe not really?

I’m pretty sure that tolerance and acceptance are something I’m needing major work on. I just about hate it.

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop with a pal. He has his computer and I have mine. We’re here together, but are kind of doing our own things. Not long after we picked our perches, a couple young gals sat nearby. Right off, the voice of one grated on me. At first I dismissed her sound and something that was just par for the course of being in a public place like a coffee house. Now, I’m sure it’s HER.

As she chatted more and more about things it became apparent that she is a born-again evangelical believer in the Jesus of Nazareth. Right now, she’s confiding that she feels conflicted. She apparently attends(attended) a public school but has now, or will soon be attending home school. She mentioned some struggles at school with establishing herself as someone who doesn’t agree that the planet is +4 billion years old. Once that was established, she struggled with having teachers who weren’t Christian. She’s now just about ready to just into home school…but this is where the REAL conflict seems to hit her. She just knows she’s receiving a calling from God “for revival.” And now, with her immanent choice of home school she’s wondering whether she’ll let God down in regards to what He is calling her to do if she pulls out of public schooling.

I used to be the same kind as this young girl. I actually successfully started a bible study group at my public high school. I might have fretted over the same stuff. I’m sure I did, in fact.

So as I’m sitting her, rather annoyed at this discussion next to me, I’m wondering if I’m any better. I do feel that I outgrew that religious and spiritual path and as I did I luckily found, by and by, my new and current path(10 years ago!). Hinduism “preaches” tolerance and plurality. That the divine is immanent and accessible by many means, according to each person’s ability and temperment.

So if I’ve really developed into a good lil Hindu, why am I so annoyed, nay-pissed? I should be glad to find another human so spiritually inclided. Knowing my own path’s progression, I can surely rationalize that about the same thing might happen with this lass and her pals-where she’ll outgrow the abssurdities of her religion and blossom into something better, even if a better Christian.

I think I have outgrown her mode of operation and thinking and developed into something more balanced and whole. For me, anyway. I suppose I’m arrogant. I’m certain(I hope!) I have more development ahead of me.

<sigh> I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I’m now more aware of how arrogant and entitled I still am. I’m also reminded that there’s a process each of us go through in our progression and growth. If I might be allowed the same smuggness as those I despise, I’ll say that I can’t wait for them to see the light and catch up with me.

Aum Shanti


Abhyasi-ji, Or… how meditation leads to sex.

One month ago today was my last post. I really should consider upping my frequency here.

Since my last post, I’ve been familiarizing myself with The Sahaj Marg and its ways. So far, I’m impressed. The essentials of the practice itself are simple. Morning meditation. Samskara cleaning at the end of the day’s labors. And prayer prior to slumber. Beyond that there are the The Ten Maxims, journaling, and a whole library of literature but not much else.

Since jumping in, I’ve been to a number of satsanghs and have had a number of sittings with one of my local preceptors. They’re a married couple, actually, but most of my dealings are with the husband. Tonight’s sitting was interesting in that I shared with him a meditative experience I had a week or so ago at the gym while in the wet sauna. It was actually a very sexual experience and because of its nature I was uncertain whether he’d even be open to hearing about it. but he didn’t flinch or anything. He sat, watching me and listening and then offered advice. I’m wondering whether he’ll tell his wife or not. I can’t imagine he’ll tell anyone else.

On a side note, he brought up psychic stuff. He suggested that my meditative experience happened because I’m open enough to energy that’s subtle enough to go unnoticed by others. He recommended that I reserve my meditations for my temple room. The idea is that the vibes there are purer and not interrupted by a million different people and their emotional/intellectual/psychic/spiritual baggage as with the wet sauna environment.

Interestingly, he mentioned something I’d learned about in a youtube video…something I’d actually know even prior to that. The Guru is essentially a dumping ground. He’s a trash man, of sorts. In an indirect way, I feel almost like he was suggesting I’m “guru material” by suggesting I’m open/sensitive enough to be even physically affected by others junk. I try not to flatter myself, but …I’m flattered. I’m also just glad he didn’t kick me out for sharing my experience with him.

I could really use a pedicure. That is all.