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Lately, I’m gaining experience in getting used to stinging response from others, so I’ll say it now: I don’t really care. Really. At times I post things for shock value or to evoke a response from others – invariably as a means of encouraging them to challenge themselves on where they think they stand. Some of these things I myself disagree with, but I’ll still post them because your growth means enough to me to do so. Unless you know me quite well, it’ll likely be hard for you to know when I’m doing any one or combination of these things. Sorry ’bout your luck.

My path in life seems to be the one fewer people tread. Pick anything and you’ll see it’s true. Often, superficially, I don’t appreciate this. However, my path and my journey are about me, as I am right now. No one else. And I refuse to walk another’s path simply because it’s what everyone else seems to be doing – even if it’s what the saints are doing.

This is one of the few arenas in my life where I cling to Krishna’s words in the Hindu bible, the Bhagavad Gita. He advises his cousin and disciple, Arjuna, regarding Dharma. In regard to one’s individual path, called swadharma, Krishna says it’s always always always better to follow your own path than to attempt someone else’s – even if you follow your own path poorly!

I’m planning an up-coming post that is likely going to cause a few brows to raise. Likewise, I wouldn’t be surprised if the post comes across to some as offensive or just plain old wrong. It will employ Jnana Yoga that is a bit deeper than most experience – especially considering that most people don’t even touch Jnana Yoga most of the time. This alone is enough to make backlash predictable. Most people are so certain in what they think they know or experience – which, often at best, only points to what they actually don’t know or experience – that they end up reacting instead of realizing. It’s painful and is also more than a little annoying, but whatever. Part of the process, no?

For me, one of the supreme facets of Hinduism is the freedom its structure offers. That might sound contradictory on the surface – structure (religiously speaking, orthodoxy) implies a certain level of rigidity, and freedom seems to be the opposite. Hinduism is essentially a conglomerate of religious practices, approaches, and philosophies. It’s been said that there are more religions within Hinduism than outside it. With that in mind, I’ll remind you, my dear reader, that there are MANY kinds of Hindus. Certainly, being human, you’re under the impression – even if you recognize the diversity of our Faith – that your way is somehow purer or better right now than the others. This is natural, and honestly, it’s also probably based in ego (although not necessarily or automatically so). Do be careful. Please trust that chances are just as likely that there are more than a few who’d disagree with where you stand, according to their own swadharma.

With any luck I’ll get the aforementioned post composed and posted sometime before I turn seventy and before you forget that I gave this disclaimer.

Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Om Shanti


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