This post is to serve as a slight detour from the series I’m in the middle of. Sometimes a detour is needed.

A couple days ago, I was putting the finishing touches on a post – part of this “vegetarian” series that I’d been working on for way too long. (Working on posts way too long is typical of me.) I had started the post some time ago and had been working on it throughout the last week in my free time at work and meant to publish that post days ago.

I brought my work laptop home for the weekend to complete a few projects and, once home, jumped onto my home laptop to finish the aforementioned post. It was shortly thereafter that the damned thing vanished.


This is the second time since coming to WordPress that this has happened I suppose for as long as I’ve been at WordPress, it’s not a very oft-happening thing, however considering the time I usually spend writing and editing posts before publishing, even this rare thing is enough to make me pull my hair out.

I posted to the help forum here at WordPress and the advice I received was clear, but of mixed benefit. After a few back-and-forths I resigned to the idea that my work was lost. After that, I offered a half-hopeful puja to Ganesha simply asking for help – if not to recover my lost work, then to accept it with less frustration. I stepped away from that project to handle a few others, not related to WordPress and just now, as the weekend wraps up, I’ve returned to WordPress to pick up where I left off – as best I can.

Because I had a few things still to do for work before the weekend is up, I decided to sign into Sthapati from my work laptop. Once signed in, I hovered over the tab that WordPress was on and noticed it appeared I was still signed in. As soon as the tab was pulled up, a message flashed that my session had expired. I could see behind it, the saved draft that had vanished from view on my other computer. I signed back in and quickly clicked to open that draft – saving the contents to a Word document as soon as it opened. From that screen I simply clicked the link to return to Sthapati’s dashboard to check the most recent viewer statistics. When that screen loaded, sure enough, the same draft that had just showed was once again gone entirely.

At this point, I’m still baffled as to why this post vanished, came back (but not really), and then vanished again. Right now, I’m simply glad to have the material again and will be attempting to re-publish it soonly.

Jay Shri Ganesha!

Aum Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


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