God Plays the Damaru


My last post detailed why I mostly think it’s foolish and emotional to imply or claim that anyone is an instrument of God. Whether you agree with me or not, is mostly inconsequential – although, as my bio page indicates, if you genuinely feel you seriously have something that will challenge my own mental box, I welcome your feedback. In fact, I welcome it anyway, but whatever. This post is meant to add some gray area to what I said in my last post. To be clear, I absolutely feel, in virtually all instances, humans are not actually instruments of God. And I think, even if we allow that God might use humans as instruments, it’s far more likely than not that humans aren’t usually equipped with the high-view knowledge that would likely be required to truly know when that’s happening.

But I don’t want to focus on that for this post. My goal, as briefly as possible, is to point out the “closest second” I can think of within the context of God using humans as instruments.

I’ll start with connecting back to the last post where I mentioned a Facebook friend who admitted he was simply glad to have been an instrument of the Lord. My friend quoted a doctor on his page as having said about God, “He has no schedule. He has no to-do list.” This was mostly said in the context of God’s accessibility, meaning that there’s never a time when we’re unable to reach out to God. Still, if God has no to-do list, then It has no to-do list. God as most people define It, isn’t trying to do anything here – except in one instance: Restoring dharma.

Occasionally, when “good” on our planet seems to have waned beyond what is healthy, Hindus believe, God will reappear in special concentration and set Dharma on yet another upward trend. In this regard, the unique avatars of God could absolutely be called instruments of God – in much the same way that my own hand could be considered my own instrument. My hand is part of me – is “of” me – and does what I need it to do for purposes far more evolved that the awareness of my hand’s cells will ever realize. I think God’s unique avatars could easily and accurately be called God’s hands, and therefore instruments of God – but mostly because they are “of” God, because they are God.

A number of verses throughout the Bhagavad Gita detail Krishna explaining to Arjuna that people are ignorant, who think they’re actually doing anything. God explains, “I am the Doer.” Well then, if God is the Doer, how could God not have a to-do list as previously mentioned and how could God not be using people as instruments?

For me, a holistic answer comes from the guru of my guru’s guru. His name was Satguru Siva Yogaswami and he was a Sri Lankan mystic who lived on our planet from 1872 – 1964. He states simply, “You are God. God sees through your eyes, hears through your ears, speaks through your mouth.”

Aum Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


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