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Image take from Google Image search

Image take from Google Image search

My best, as mentioned in the last post, is going through a bit of a rough time right now. If he were inclined at all toward writing, I’m sure he’d have more than a few readers who would read his words and relate all too well.

I think also indicated in the last post is that my best is moving into my home and will be residing in my temple room. Would you believe, one evening around the time of my regular sadhana (and for about 15 seconds), I very seriously considered giving him the master bedroom in my home and moving the beloved and I into the temple room instead of bringing someone from the “outside” into that room. It really is very nearly hallowed ground for me. But that notion passed, for obvious reasons.

When my best makes the transition into his new residence, he’ll be downsizing considerably. He’s already posted on Facebook a number of pictures of virtually all of his furniture – he’s taking the best offer he can get. He needs as much cash as he can get while also staying focused on the purpose of the downsize, and retaining the context that all of this was brought about in. I believe most of my readers probably, not knowing him well at all, don’t realize what a cut this is to him. He has one of two choices though – keep the big picture in sight and decide things according to that to allow doors to open and progress into a better life condition, or decide things (like how to part with his material belongings) according to the mode his old self usually operates in and continue his self-inflicted struggle through life.

My best has made some incredibly poor choices that don’t actually reflect what’s in his heart. His actions belied his true values. Sadly, our actions are what our karmas are built on and now he’s dealing with some very nasty, unfortunate karma.

Truth be told – and I hope by now, dear reader, that you know I’d tell you nothing else – there’s amazing potential here. For a long time, the best has wanted the best but not really deserved it – and so he’s struggled. He’s wanted a better life. And he’s done SOME of the work for it. And prior to recent events, his life wasn’t bad. He’s now facing a period in his life where quite literally EVERY choice he makes matters much more than it might have before.

In situations like this, for most people, the pain is usually great. However, the potential is even greater. He can finally start working through some karmas – building new ones without negative consequences. He can help others who need the material things he’s parting with, but can’t pay much for them. He can test how “big” of a person he really is and use that as gauging while he moves forward. And he can begin steps in the direction of nonattachment – vairagya.

I can already see the sweet humility he’s developing and I’m looking forward to the person he’s becoming and will be when this is done and over. I hope he is, too.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


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