2014102 and ForeSight


As NYE rolled around I began thinking of what my very first post in 2014 would be. That doesn’t show much foresight or planning on my part, does it? I mean, waiting until almost the last minute to consider something I knew was coming? Interestingly, here at the start of the year, I find this idea to be something worthy of my words. So here you have them…

It happens periodically here in Indiana and might happen more for you, depending on where you might be living when you read this: Winter storms. Often this means blizzards or blizzard-like conditions. Often, blizzards or blizzard-like conditions mean people are stuck at home until roads and such are sufficiently cleaned for safe travel. As sure as the seasons, in the 24 hours prior to the arrival of the bad weather people flood grocery stores of all varieties to get the necessities. Things like bread and milk fly off the shelves along with a bajillion other random things people decide they can’t live 24-48 hours without.

I’m amazed every time this happens, and I happen to find it pretty indicative. In the same way that I pretty much waited till the last minute to consider what my first post of this year might be about, people seem to wait until the last minute before getting the things they (seem to) need to survive. I guess absolutely no one cooks at home anymore and consequently never manages to keep so much as a day’s worth of food in their home. This baffles me even more in areas like Indiana, where we have these storms occasionally and everyone here knows that our road crews are prepared with literally tons of salt and dozens upon dozens of plow trucks.

What’s this all about? Humans are capable of fantastic cognition. Even from an early age, we’re able to put pieces together and formulate complex thought processes. Here in Indiana, we knew the storm was coming since, like, at least Thursday. And yet the night before is when everyone MUST get their necessities. It’s not entirely true, but it seems no one plans ahead and it’s insane.

As we find ourselves still at the beginning of our new year, many of us are setting out with a whole set of resolutions. In the same way we want to live as comfortably as possible when snowed into our homes, we want to achieve our resolutions – and success in either takes foresight. Dear reader, as you make your way into and through 2014 try always to place efforts into the now that will form your future. Eventually, that future will be the new now and without foresight it’s much less likely to be the now you had hoped for. Happy January to you!

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


3 responses to “2014102 and ForeSight

    • It’s true.

      And it makes me think everyone should become Baptist. According to the Baptist (Calvinist) theology, all it takes to be fully and forever redeemed is to say the Sinner’s Prayer. This is apparently no less effective if said on one’s deathbed only seconds before passing than if it is said as one’s very first words.


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