Personal Vortex


Indiana’s 2013-2014 winter season has, thus far, sucked major ass. Hoosiers always know that our seasons are something of a gamble and can vary greatly from one year to the next – but this crap is for the birds.

My usual weather-checking routine doesn’t go much beyond looking out the window and this winter I’ve hated doing just that. Since I mostly just look out the window for the weather info of the day, I’ve not been terribly well connected to any professional forecasts. Still, I’ve heard plenty of mention of this polar vortex or that polar vortex. I know there’s been more than enough snow. More than enough truly frigid temperatures. More than enough wind.

Winds are good at displacing things, when they’re strong enough and – all winter aside – I feel internal winds doing similar work.

Recently I asked about whether God actually answers prayers (since I differentiate between the role “God” plays and the role played by any run-of-the-mill genie, I’m still not sold that God answers any actual prayer). I’ve seen Facebook friends spin out of orbit because a temple wasn’t built “properly” and people who worshipped in places like those are fools. I’ve also witnessed a number of conversations around pujas, rituals, dietary guidelines, scripture, the ins-n-outs of murtis – you name it, the list could go on for a while of the things I’ve either heard people discuss or discussions I’ve been a part of.

I’ll be honest, I’m nearly done with all that jazz. I’ve been revisiting a path I’d previously set aside because it didn’t really feel like a great fit and I’ve been realizing how good a fit it actually does seem to be. Asking a good friend about this some time ago, I was advised that this likely just means that the timing wasn’t right when I encountered the path the first go-around. I think he was right and I’m increasingly convinced that the current “now” is a time better suited for this.

An interesting thing about this path is the lack of emphasis placed on things like ritual and murtis and … whether or not a temple is truly sacred if its architecture doesn’t meet “Vedic code.” Don’t get me wrong. I think – everything – has value that only it holds in its own way. There is literally a place for everything. But so much of that can be a trap, and indeed IS trapping so many people.

I’m almost to the end of being trapped, or at least risking that particular form of entanglement. I’m looking forward to peeling away the layers of me that have been getting in the way.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


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