God-ly Thoughts


A while ago I purchased a number of books from the Sri Ram Chandra Mission. Part of the purchase included a trilogy of books, each filled with quotes of the lineage’s three masters. I’ve read through each book in order of the masters and am now reading through the book of quotes pertaining to the most recent, and current master, Sri Parathasari Rajagopalachari, who is affectionately known as Chariji.

Below I’ll be sharing a number of Chariji’s quotes from the chapter of the book simply titled, “God.” I find these striking and absolutely true from where I sit, as they depict a conception of God that feels complete and far less susceptible to the “human condition” that is apparent in other notions of God. I know these won’t be agreeable to all and I know that this “impersonal” approach to thinking of God doesn’t appeal to all.

“God cannot be a person, God cannot be a place, God cannot be a thing. God is said to be, in all religions, without exception, omnipotent, omnipervasive, smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest… If God is everywhere it is a denial of that truth to have to go to a temple to find Him there. If He is in everything, surely He is in me as much as in that temple. Why not seek Him within me, within my self… A temple is not where God is; where God is, wherever God is, that is a temple!”

“The human race, when it evolves has an evolving picture of God, too… So God, I think, in His ultimate wisdom said, ‘Let me have no name, because they will fight over my name. Let me have no form, because they will fight over my form’ … If we are to know or appreciate what God is, we have to experience the Presence of God, not to learn about Him, not to speak about Him, not to be sermonized about Him… What we call God or the Centre is nothing but the subtlest thing that exists.”

“I consider it the most merciless conception of God, that he can give me one life, expect me to perform and then judge me for it… We sin; God did not create sin; therefore it is our idea of sin that is responsible for this… It is the truth of God Himself that no God has ever punished or rewarded anybody. He has given us the opportunity to do it ourselves.”

These words of the Master have taught me that we have to be careful. So many of us are so certain about what we think we know about God and virtually nothing can convince us otherwise – this includes myself at times.

Naturally, anything the mind conjures up will necessarily have limitations. That kind of nonsense is needed for existence in a physical body, and there’s nothing inherently wrong there. The wisest, regardless of what notion they’re most fond of, realize that God is subtle – immensely subtle.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


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