My Truth

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

A number of posts ago, I mentioned that things with me were “changing.” It’s true. They have and they definitely still are. It’s a progression I’m noticing and allowing – even welcoming, I do believe. Recently, at a satsangh I attended a passage was read from a work by the group’s current Satguru. It resonated so deeply within me that shortly thereafter I ordered the book the passage was read from and thought to share it with you here.

I’ve had the book – it came with seven others I ordered at the same time – and I’ve been working through this to find the exact passage to share here. This is actually what I had intended to be my first post of 2014 (ha!). A number of other posts were finished before this one and I planned to just sit on them until after this was published, but I later changed my mind so I published them anyway. And now we have this one. Something else I’ve changed my mind on is sharing the passage I mentioned earlier. Sorry.

A number of weeks ago I asked a friend about the implications of revisiting a path one had at one time decided wasn’t for himself. My general rule with things like this is easy to understand within the context of relationships: An ex is an ex for a reason. If things are messed enough that someone has to be dismissed in that way, it should be for good reason – otherwise they should not become an ex. I think this can translate into other areas of life, too. Give something a shot – an honest and good effort – and if it doesnt work out, it just doesn’t and be done. All relationship examples aside, my friend’s general perspective was that it’s fine to revisit a path that was at one time discarded. His view was pretty much that the first visit can be attributed to the wrong timing. Again, and I’m currently speaking strictly in the context of a life’s path, I think my rule is the best governance, but his view definitely holds water and feels very true for me these days.

Some time ago, like more than a year ago, I thought that I had decided against how well I fit with the Sahaj Marg or how well it fit with me. I could cite the post here on Sthapati that detailed that thought process, but I’m hoping instead that you read it back when it was originally published. The truth is that I came to the Sahaj Marg through part of my college education (a psychology class!), I gave it a full six months (which is prescribed) and then decided to discard it. A number of months ago, however, I bumped into it again and I’ve been almost amazed at the difference in my experience this time.

Since my journey with Hinduism began, over a decade ago, I’ve grown and changed in innumerable ways. Some changes have certainly come easily. Others came and won their course with me kicking and screaming the whole time. All of this is Shiva’s Tandava – the dance that enables existence, the dance that keeps things moving so that life in sustained, and the dance that leaves behind our evolutionary baggage as dust.

And the best part of any dance is the flow – the inherent order of each movement. This movement is where beauty is found and grace. This movement is the wellspring of compassion and understanding and maturity. And this movement is what determines what came before, what’s here now, and what comes next… and even which moves are repeated or recycled – all in an order so precise and encompassing that the cosmos is held together in ways that leave us baffled and filled with awe.

I’m still a horrible dancer, but I do love learning to be a better dance partner.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


One response to “My Truth

  1. This whole piece is filled with wonderful metaphors. And I will reiterate/paraphrase what I probably said when you asked me. I definitely think that coming back to something you already did can be evolution. You are moving forward. The things you encounter are spinning around in time all along the way, and it just so happens you’ve run into the Marg twice. But this time you are, as you said, further along. Even in a relationship one can ditch someone for a very good reason but if they reunite 20 years later they can be a perfect match if and only if they both had evolved in that span.


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