The Original Stir


“If I seek courage, I must have courage inside me. It is a quality, it is not a thing. Courage is not in a spear or in a gun – it is a quality. Happiness is a condition; joy is a condition. God is a principle. Therefore, he in whom this principle is present is a divinized being. There is no such thing as God, other than this. If there is a God it is only the existence of this pure principle everywhere. It cannot be somewhere, at some time, at some place. If it is a principle it must be everywhere, at all times – everywhere. Therefore it must be here; therefore it must be now. And being a principle, it must pervade everything, too. Therefore we come to this definition of God as omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-pervasive.

“But we make the mistake of saying, “He is everywhere, He is in everything, He is in all times.” Then we have the feminists coming up in arms and saying, “Why He? Why not She?” So you see this ridiculous situation of personalizing a God, which is what we have been doing through the whole of human life. Whether in a fish or in a boar, or in a Samson and Delilah – God is in his hair, and when the hair came back he regained his strength. Or God is in the wishbone of a whale or a chicken. Or God is an idol or in a pillar or in a cross or just in an empty blank wall. So God cannot be located in space or seen in the context of temporal time.

“Therefore, anybody who claims to have seen God or touched God is either misguided or a liar. There is nothing to see. I cannot see what is in me, others must see what is in me. Therefore, we can see God in others, we should never be able to see God in ourselves. That being so, a divinized person cannot know he is divinized, much less can God know he is God.

“Something which Babuji Maharaj said: “God cannot know he is God, because when he is knowing that he is God, there is God and the other” – duality comes into existence at once. So if God cannot be conscious, God has no mind. Sahaj Marg’s teaching is very emphatic on this, very definite. God can have no mind, because if he is conscious there will be periods of unconsciousness – He can go into a coma, He can lapse into sleep. Therefore, we have these funny rituals of God being woken up in the morning, put to sleep at night. So we are fooling with God, imagining he is a bigger human being than we are… In a way it is right because it is a special presence. In a way it is wrong because He cannot be present when He is already there. It is not a new presence. But you can think of it as the air in this room which is still, not moving, therefore you don’t feel it. If it starts to move you feel it as a breeze. So air, when it is unmoving, you don’t feel, when it moves, you feel.

“Therefore, when the divine principle moves we feel it as a presence. What makes it move? It is the expression of the divine principle in you which makes it move. When you use the word in English: “It was a moving experience. The music was moving. His condition was moving. I was moved by his love for me,” – what is this ‘moved’? It is precisely the stirring of the divine principle in the heart, which for a moment comes into action, very much like the kshob (original stirring) of Babuji Maharaj. And when that kshob happens inside your heart, that divine principle is let loose and love flows.”

(The above is an excerpt taken from Love & Death.”

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


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