Stupid the Fifth


Spirituality says, “Don’t get used to anything,” because becoming accustomed to something is a bondage. “I am used to Copenhagen.” You are a slave to Copenhagen. “I am used to this particular place.” You are a slave of that place. “I love the mornings.” You are a slave of time. So, there is no getting accustomed to places, persons, and things in spirituality. There is only loving persons, places, and things. I can love Copenhagen, but if I get accustomed to Copenhagen to such a state that I cannot leave Copenhagen, without a pang in my heart, I am lost.

Therefore patriotism has no place in spirituality, nationality has no place in spirituality, nationalism has no place in spirituality. Even religion has no place in spirituality, because I am accustomed to Christ, or I am accustomed to Krishna, or I am accustomed to Buddha. “No, no, how can I worship Buddha when I am worshipping Christ?” The question would not arise if you have really been worshipping and adoring Christ. It is a principle that you adore, not a person. Because people always tell me, “But Chari, you say you cannot marry twice, how can I change my lord?” Because it is not a living thing, it is a principle, and the principle has no name, no form, no content. He was Jesus, he was not the Christ. Through meditation, by leading a life which was appropriate to achieving that state of being called Christhood, he is called Jesus the Christ.

So, the Christ is a principle, like Gautama the Buddha. There is no such thing as Buddha, it is a principle, it is a state of being. He achieved that state so he was called Gautama, who had achieved a state of bodhisattva, which is called Buddhahood. He became the Buddha. Like a man mounts the throne and wears the crown and he is the king now, but there is no such thing as a king. He is still Ethelred the Third or Browero the Fourth or Stupid the Fifth. Therefore when he is thrown out and goes into exile, he is no more the king, he is the ex-king. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that you worship Christ, you cannot worship Christ. Jesus as a person is not worshippable.

So what are you really worshipping? Nothing. Therefore you are only aspiring to be something like that which was the Christ, which can again be the Christ, which can in the future come again as the Christ – not as Jesus again, because Jesus came once. No more. Buddha – Gautama came once, no more. Therefore, here also we have the principle, the Master. The Master is a principle. Babuji Maharaj was a person. Now for those who knew Babuji Maharaj, yes, but for those who have never known Babuji Maharaj, to talk of him is as silly and futile as for people today to talk of the Christ. Do you understand?

So the person has to be distinguished from his state of being. “I love happiness.” How can I love happiness? I can be happiness, I cannot love happiness. “Oh, my wife, when I married her, she was such a happy person but today she’s always bitter, bitching all the time.” Yes. States of being change, except in that one state which is unchangeable, the changeless condition which is only available in spirituality, not in wives and husbands. Now if your husband has achieved that state, the changeless state, he is no more your husband. Then the woman says, “No, no, I have lost my husband.” Yes, but he is there.

So you see we are dealing with a lot of fallacious ideas.

– Taken from “Love and Death” by Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari


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