Hollowing Souls


Occasionally, we see something we didnt. Often this comes in the form of revelations about relationships we’re in, but increase in this kind of wisdom can be gained in regard to every inch of our existence. Sometimes we see what wasn’t there before. Sometimes we realize something was there all along, but that we were somehow blinded to it. Either way, it’s often a matter of opening your eyes.

As a rule, I don’t believe that one “slides back” ever. I mean, we’re talking evolution here. That doesn’t happen without cause and de-evolving is definitely an exception to this cosmic rule. I feel like my own eyes frequently change how open they are. I don’t mean to say that they sometimes close a bit after opening, but that sometimes they open a greater degree than they might the next time my vision is widened or vice versa. I’m sure this experience is typical of most people, and understood by those who are sensitive and diligent enough to to notice.

I’m sometimes really surprised at what is seen with expanded vision. It’s always Truth – in greater clarity than before. But that Truth takes various forms. Recently, Truth took the form of fire. It was a fire made of green flames originating in the heart and spilling outward. Slowly, it expanded and began engulfing all and everything.

I loved it.

It felt like me. Like the Real me and the Real you. Everything was consumed and in a different kind of way everything was also destroyed, but maybe not like you think. It was an interesting kind of flame that spread, devouring. It ate in a way that many would consider frightening, but in the same way that those who know Her understand Kali to be quite loving, this flame didn’t bring about an end. I mean, it did but it didn’t. It brought love and it brought transformation, just not in a way most were conditioned to expect.

I’m including a video in this post that I found on YouTube while perusing violin covers. It’s of a collaboration on a song from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The song, as you will see, is highly charged. It contains high doses of some really powerful parts of the human experience – parts I found to be exposed in the light of the green fire.

My prayer tonight is that your heart and mind and world will be mercilessly singed by the green flames of Truth’s heart.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


2 responses to “Hollowing Souls

  1. So…wow. This post raised mostly questions rather than outright responses. But I have chewed a bit. First, when you say that sometimes you see “something that wasn’t there” I would say it was there. Always. Consciousness shifts, “reality” doesnt. By “de-evolving” we are talking about “stagnating” or refusal to move forward. Fear-based, most likely, for most people. I was really interested in your comments on your eyes being open to a differing degree. As you said, you are not talking about taking steps backward. It looks like you are talking about sometimes taking larger steps (always forward) than others. Of course it is all a matter of what we are ready for. I would say it is a matter of how much responsibility we have taken for our own progress. I am not lecturing you. I feel like in responding to this, I could easily be lecturing myself. Bringing my inner guru to light.

    What widens your vision?

    The green flame was not a vision but a feeling. Do you consider this a bhakti experience? or jnani on a deeper level? Does it matter? Is it an indication of the oneness of the Big Three yogas?

    If it felt like you and felt like “me” and everyone else, that is expanded consciousness obviously. An experience of “God” beyond any previous experience? The way youve written of it makes me think it was. This flame which engulfed and devoured but in a loving/non-frightening way brings to mind some writing I recently read of the subtle variations in forms from Rudra (violently destructive) to Shiva (calmly contemplative). Each tears down walls and shatters barriers in different ways. Each can be considered disruptive and painful but not to those who, like you said, know (Kali).

    The more I learn the more I know that conditioning is obviously the largest barrier we all face, and the most actually-destructive force.

    I had that musical piece in my head for most of a night, recently. Loving how its singer was musing upon all of these things that are usually considered horrors, but would consider it a boon from God to experience them.

    Because this “devouring” is the only way to bring forth the jewel in the center of the lotus, Aum Shankaranarayana, bhai!


    • “I feel like in responding to this, I could easily be lecturing myself. Bringing my inner guru to light.” 🙂

      “What widens your vision?” – My heart, I think.

      “Do you consider this a bhakti experience? or jnani on a deeper level? Does it matter? Is it an indication of the oneness of the Big Three yogas?” – My understanding of Jnana is that the term only really applies to the “deeper level.” Anything short of that might be mistaken for Jnana, but isn’t really. I do consider this an experience of Jnana, but to tie in the other things you mention re: Bhakti/Big Three, I can see this also being an experience in Bhakti because they all meet in the center of Reality.

      I fully agree with your assessment of “conditioning.” A large part of the Sahaj Marg is removing those layers of conditioning precisely because, as you pointed out, it’s the most destructive and largest barrier faced by each.


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