सच्ची भक्ति

I came across a passage in my leisure reading lately on multiplicity and unity and Truth being One. Chariji indicated that he thinks the Hindu religion is the most sublime of all man’s religions, but he also thinks that sometimes seeing Truth so diversely can be a trap of sorts.

The human mind is closely connected to the ego and likes to enshrine its own values and ideas and then, after preserving them, become mummified. By itself, that isn’t a crime, but the historic tendency has been to enshrine at the risk of not only “setting something in stone,” but also inherent to that process is to exclude all else – including the potential for additional growth.

To a degree, a very superficial degree, this is required for bhakti. But true bhakti is to see the One in everything. I think most people don’t realize how “shackle-less” this actually is. This is also made more challenging when one is considerably dedicated to stone images. This kind of dedication serves not only to separate and isolate us from each other, but also slows our spiritual and personal progress considerably. Obviously, with all of that on one’s plate, it becomes more challenging than it already is to grow beyond the “baby bhakti” so many wallow in.

Human birth is an incredible boon and opportunity, but it’s not without its sugar-coated pitfalls.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


One response to “सच्ची भक्ति

  1. I like your assessment of “true bhakti”. If one is meditating and not simply going threough the motions, one should easily realize this. Bhakti should not be a trap.


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