Opposites Attract?

In Sahaj Marg, there is an idea that God is without attributes. In fact, this idea remains so important to those within the Marg that it’s understood that assigning too much emphasis on forms of the One or assigning attributes to the One is seen as a distraction to one’s spiritual and personal progress. Paired with this understanding is the knowledge that anything that can be said to be “good” can also be said to be “bad” and to deny this is to perpetuate imbalance which will certainly prevent liberation, let alone anything beyond.

Occasionally, I’ll bump into non-Marg literature expressing the same or similar ideas and recently this happened as I caught up on reading posts on the Hindu Blog, one post of which simply quoted Swami Vivekananda. Few would argue with much of what the swami has said, as he’s very widely respected and revered. For me, it’s a nice affirmation when the notions of my path parallel those of another. The quote is below and will close this post.

“Evil is everywhere; it is like chronic rheumatism. Drive it from the foot, it goes to the head; drive it from there, it goes somewhere else. It is a question of chasing it from place to place; that is all… to try to remedy evil is not the true way. Our philosophy teaches that evil and good are eternally conjoined, the obverse and the reverse of the same coin. If you have one, you must have the other; a wave in the ocean must be at the cost of a hollow elsewhere.

“Nay, all life is evil. No breath can be breathed without killing some one else; not a morsel of food can be eaten without depriving some one of it. This is the law; this is philosophy. Therefore the only thing we can do is to understand that all this work against evil is more subjective than objective. The work against evil is more educational than actual, however big we may talk. This, first of all, is the idea of work against evil; and it ought to make us calmer, it ought to take fanaticism out of our blood. The history of the world teaches us that wherever there have been fanatical reforms, the only result has been that they have defeated their own ends.

“All ideas of making the world perfectly happy may be good as motive powers for fanatics; but we must know that fanaticism brings forth as much evil as good.” –Swami Vivekananda

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha

Aum Shanti


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