Tales of Discovery



I have an opportunity to contribute to the content of a book being written by Sahaj Marg. Abhyasis have been requested to send in our stories regarding the circumstances, karma, life details, etc… of our coming to Sahaj Marg.

This chance makes me smile – something that happens a bit less these days.

As I sit and begin to remember life leading up to my encounter with “The Marg” and stepping onto it as my spiritual path, I can think of lots I could tell – but none of it seems sufficient or appropriate.

As someone who enjoys language in just about every level, it’s rare to find me in a position wherein I’m at a loss for words. Yet, that’s exactly how I feel.

It’s not unlike trying to describe the feelings experienced when I think about having memories that predate the very existence of some of the people who are now ultra dear to my heart – the mystery that age and aging is. It’s similar to the “caught” feeling I experience when even thinking about how much of my heartspace is occupied by my first gurus – my parents. It’s almost like some things become cheapened when brought to the level of language, and I’m afraid words will also fail while I attempt to “tell my story” of coming to Sahaj Marg.

But stories are meant to be told, no? Surely each aspirant’s tale is as valid as the next, regardless of the chosen wording.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha
Aum Shanti


2 responses to “Tales of Discovery

  1. This was amazing. Would like to share more with you and discuss. Saw there wasnt a way to contact you directly hence hope this works. Namaste.


    • Anonymous,

      Right now, settings on Sthapati are such that your comments require approval. In the past, when a reader wanted to contact me more directly, the advice I gave was to comment again leaving an email address or something – I’ll NOT approve that comment so as to keep your personal contact information private, but I can (and will) then contact you. Thanks!


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