The Gay Geneticry

While on my lunch break today at work I scrolled through my Facebook feed and came across a post that struck me as really interesting.

I’ve written before about language and how valuable and fun I think it is. I think each being using language carries an automatic responsibility to, to his or her best ability, communicate precisely. Wordiness and saying more than you should, or kicking a dead horse are things I struggle with, but are definitely things to be avoided. I think related to all of this is the responsibility of the communicator to know EXACTLY what is being said. This, dear reader, I hope should make sense to you.

The aforementioned post on Facebook was of an instance wherein Pat Robertson was responding to someone who’d written in to his show (or called, or something…). She apparently goes to a (Christian) church where dating isn’t allowed. I find this to be very strange, being familiar with much of Christianity and its variances. I’ve never known of a church that forbids dating. Surely, there’s more to it than the lady is letting us know. Regardless, Pat Robertson in his infinite god-inspired wisdom is apparently in just the position to advise the woman. You can click here to go to the post that was on Facebook and watch the video of Robertson offering his expert advice.

So let me get to why I’m kinda loving this. The very first thing he goes to is gay people. Superficially, (and directly) he says that this anti-dating church is doomed to die out because, as with homosexuals, if there are no heterosexual pair bonds being formed then no reproduction is taking place and – obviously – that church’s population is fated to dwindle into extinction.

In the past, folks like Robertson have been very vocal about the “homosexual lifestyle,” saying that gay people are gay because they choose to be so. But this is where there’s a huge hole is Robertson’s advice to this woman.

So…. if being gay is a lifestyle choice, then there’s room to entertain the ideas that only hetero people come hetero people but some of those subsequent heteros are choosing to live gay lives. Fine. In that scenario, everyone – every single person alive – is technically straight and the issue is that some are choosing to live in “sin.” That’s one way to approach this subject – and is the way most commonly puked up by Pat Robertson and those like him.

But he’s specifically speaking about the idea of homosexual reproduction. Right? He says my own tribe is doomed to die out because gay sex does not result in reproduction. It seems like the old man has his basic anatomy correct. But here’s where he’s being irresponsible with his own speech and apparently doesn’t even realize he’s shooting himself in his own foot.

You see, his words necessarily imply that if gays could physically reproduce, then we’d be creating more gays. That is, after all, the reason (lack of reproductive ability) he states for why we’re doomed for extinction. He’s not placing the blame for the creation of additional gays on heteros who are influencing heteros to be gay. That wouldn’t even make sense. He’s placing the creation of additional gays on the shoulders of the notion of gay reproduction (gays having sex and creating new human life as a result).

So…. it’s NOT because of choice, then, right? It’s because of reproduction. If everything about being a human (including the so-called “Sin of Adam”) is passed on genetically (aka: through reproduction) from generation to generation, and not by choice as in matters of lifestyle, then what he’s really saying is that being gay is not actually a choice at all, but rather is able to be passed on genetically.

Nice job, Pat.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha

Aum Shanti


One response to “The Gay Geneticry

  1. Whoever thinks that we choose our sexuality is being completely mislead.

    I saw a brilliant video on youtube once where a guy asks lots of straight people if homosexuality is a choice. When they answer yes, he follows up with “when did you choose to be straight?”

    It was very funny to see their reactions but also spread an important message on sexuality.

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