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The late Chariji, and brother Kamlesh (his successor)

The late Chariji, and our brother Kamlesh (his successor)

It’s official – Brother Kamlesh has assumed the position of the president and leader of our spiritual organization. Yesterday (or earlier today?) a whisper was received from Babuji assuring us that he and Chariji were together again and that Chariji is shining brilliantly in his new state. And more recently another Sahaj Sandesh has been received to let abhyasis all around know – this is something that was made known long(-ish) ago, and which has now been made official.

A quick Google search will easily bring up online videos of the “ceremony” once held whereat master Chariji made it very clear that his life here was beginning to wane and that, for the protection of the Sahaj Marg, he was naming his successor. His designated successor would be brother Kamlesh Patel. Having dealt with death already this year I cannot say what a benefit it can be for those you leave behind to make sure all affairs are in place and squared away BEFORE you leave. In every aspect, this is a wonderful act of compassion to people who will already be struggling with grief.

I don’t know much about Kamlesh-ji, but I trust my guru’s decision and I trust that it’s for the best of the Marg moving forward. My understanding is that Kamlesh-ji has lived in the USA and India (and possibly other places in the West). He’s well-educated, a successful professional and someone who has lived the “householder dharma,” and has been dedicated to the Sahaj Marg for quite some time already.

I’ve watched the videos online of the event where Kamlesh-ji is named as the next in line and it was very clearly emotional for many present – including Kamlesh bhai. I can only imagine the things that naturally would race through the mind of a human taking on so much. Leadership is an incredible, awesome responsibility.

I’m looking forward to the bright evolution the Marg is headed toward and the guidance Kamlesh-ji will bring as he anchors himself as our new guide.

Blessings to Kamlesh! Shri gurubhyo namaha!

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha

Aum Shanti



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