Dichotomy of Peterotica

A thought has crossed my mind a bit lately. More than once. It first crossed my mind a few weeks ago – maybe a month.

I’ve been considering a second blog.

I know a few other bloggers who maintain (or at least started) more than one blog. All the things I’ve read about bloggering tell me that if you want a large readership you are supposed to find your niche. Find something specific to write about and write about just that – or at least write only about that thing and other things that relate to that thing.

In case you haven’t noticed yet here on Sthapati, that isn’t really my style. I might write about general spirituality in one post, specific spirituality in another post, my dead mother in the last post, and voter registration in the post after this one. I suppose, as evidence that what I’ve read is true, this variance here accounts for why I don’t have thousands of subscribers. To be quite clear, gaining subscribers was never my goal or intention. I just wanted to say I have a blog (only one two other people I know in person even can say that, and it seems that currently neither of them are feeling terribly inspired), and also have a place to journal my thoughts and experiences.

Strangely, as broad as the scope of things written about on Sthapati sometimes can be (and it’s probably not really terribly broad), there are things I experience and think and learn about that I would never – EVER – put here. Partially because I’m aware that a number of my close friends and family read my words here. It would be like seeing your parents have sex…. to outsiders your parents are just two grown people and, who knows, those outsiders might enjoy seeing that. But you would not. Right? I mean, I feel like that statement is likely true for most people who have parents.

And speaking of grown people having sex, I’m thinking that this potential second blog of mine might likely be of an adult nature. It wouldn’t be “right,” I don’t think, for me to start publishing posts of that nature here on Sthapati.

There are certain things we want to see from certain people in our lives. We’ve already decided what their role or purpose or right place is within our lives and to experience those people outside of those assigned roles is… wrong in our minds. No? Your parents are your parents and they are thusly parental. You likely wouldn’t find additional value in them being your source of porn. Am I wrong?

So, supposing I have things to share – thoughts and lessons and experiences – of a sexual nature, surely dear readers you would agree that Sthapati isn’t the place, which in my mind means one of two things are sure to happen (although one is far more likely).

The first is that I could create another blog place for things I wish to write about that are of a nature unfitting for Sthapati. This would likely be a place for which I would write far more anonymously than I do here. It would be a total mix of my “adult” thoughts and experiences as well as some things I might find in other place online. I don’t foresee this being a “porn” blog, but it would definitely be much closer to that than Sthapati, just because of the nature of the posts.

The second thing that could happen is that I could begin journaling these things in an actual paper journal. Assuming no one else ever got their hands on it, I could do that just as privately or anonymously as I could a blog, but I think that would actually require more effort to create and maintain and if I wanted to do that kind of journaling to begin with, Sthapati would be in a notebook in my nightstand right now and not online where you are currently reading it. It’s safe to say that if this other blog ever becomes a reality, it will not be on paper. (Not that any blog is on paper, but you know what I’m saying.)

I know there are many people who write (and read) “adult” blogs. And I’ve looked into a number of them to see what the standard seems to be for them and the “standard” adult blog seems to boil down to two kinds of posts: Pornography in some form or another, or written smut in the form of fiction or likely very embellished / exaggerated retelling of experiences. Neither of those are what I have in mind.

Reader, what says you? Are “adult” blogs really just another form of porn? Do you see any legitimacy in them? Do you think it likely or even possible that a sincere someone traveling a spiritual path could also write about such things? Aren’t we supposed to stop being horny when we find God?

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti


4 responses to “Dichotomy of Peterotica

  1. In response to your final question, I would rather say that people are more likely to become more honest with themselves and people around them when they become spiritual so I think go for it. You’re not doing it to get your rocks off, you’re doing it to get your thoughts out, I would think. I am sure there is some value in it. You said yourself it would be “thoughts, lessons, experiences.” Surely that is not merely smut. But yeah probably best to put it on a separate blog. Hopefully it will not keep you from Sthapati! Which, by the way, has been quite enjoyable because of the fact that you can tie such a wide variety of experiences to spirituality.


  2. Bhai I just realized that you were asking me if my saying “I am sure….” was the equivalent of my saying “I have no idea what that would be”. It is and it isnt. Of course I don’t know what will come of it, so I would say “I have no idea what that would be” but I would not be saying it in a certain tone that I feel you might have been thinking. Obviously the value is in the experience you share.

    So anyway, yeah I thought you were saying you had no idea what that value might be so that is why I responded the way I did.

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