Coded Universal

I work in a office park called Parkwood. There are five or so buildings to Parkwood and my building seems kind of in the middle of all of them. A parking garage connects my building to another building in the office park. This is the first employer I’ve had – ever – to offer a free parking garage to employees. It’s rather nice – especially where Indiana weather is concerned. There are three entrances into my building and the one from the parking garage actually has you walk around a massive indoor waterfall before you’re actually in the building. Once a month or three the waterfall is shut off, emptied, refilled, and started again. This feature sits in the middle of the first floor and is impossible not to notice. All around the waterfall is what amounts really to an atrium of sorts. There are many full-sized trees, ferns, rows and rows of mother-in-law’s tongue, and a few varieties of vining plants.

In some ways, it’s almost a parody of the “corporate jungle” and could even be interpreted as a warning sign for those coming in. From the beginning of my employment, though, this area has always been so welcome. The space is filled with natural lighting year-round. I get to watch grounds keepers prune the plants and tend to them. And the sound of the waterfall is hypnotic.

Lately (as in, the last few months) I’ve felt more keenly aware of the behind-the-scenes energetic movement of Life. It’s natural for me, for this time of the year. As the year ages and Indiana summer swings into place the feeling of this movement will change and will become something more outwardly apparent, but will take more effort for me to feel in the subtle way I’m currently experiencing. (And then in the Fall, I’ll be able to perceive this subtle movement again with more ease.)

I sit sometimes in the atrium at work and meditate. I find this to be one of the best places for me to meditate, outside of my temple room at home. And the Sahaj Marg practice, as unique as it is, I really feel helps me to connect to the deeper subtle energy in Life. One of the proofs of this practice, for me, is the increased ability to tap into this energetic foundation of all. I’m not talking about manipulation or altering of this energy, just connecting to it, feeling it, and loving the love I feel from it.

There have been times though when I feel limited. Almost certainly the fact that I’m in a physical body currently is a limiting factor. From where I am currently, there’s only so much of the bigger picture – of this energetic foundation – that I’m permitted to see or sense. during times when this limiting aspect of life is more apparent, I sit and notice the sound of the waterfall.

By current definitions of what it means to be a conscious entity, waterfalls are not conscious. I’m not really disputing that, but I do think there is an element of consciousness that still touches the waterfall. With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder what (if anything?) the effect of that might be. Is this “touch” of consciousness what is responsible for things in nature like the Golden Ratio / Fibonacci sequence? Is it possible that the noise created by the waterfall is a form on language or code?

When I watch the waterfall, and notice the minute disturbances in the field of water as it falls and reaches the pool below, it all strikes me as being very Matrix-like. Instead of mere water drops falling, could it be translated as some form of binary code communicating information we’re not able to interpret right now?

I’m sure most would think that idea is ridiculous. And maybe it is. The universe, as a collection of things and non-things, couldn’t contain consciousness – and certainly something like a waterfall couldn’t. Right? This is almost certainly just some New Age bologna. Right?

I don’t know. So much of this is difficult to put into words. Do you ever sense something more, but find that the very instance you try to describe, label, or try to explain or communicate it – it’s practically lost?

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti


2 responses to “Coded Universal

  1. Wisdom from from lineage in Sahaj Marg, “Experiences : Daily Reflections : Friday, May 08, 2015 : It is not necessary to understand the experiences that you have. Just note them down in your diary and carry on with your daily sadhana, doing it with diligence and devotion.” – Chariji, Spider’s Web (Vol III, 2013)


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