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Quite a while back – months and months – I went to the website of the Himalayan Academy and purchased my Rasi chart. The good monks running the Hinduism Today magazine and the HA site sell rasi charts at a really reasonable price… I think it was around $5. I would recommend everyone look into their personal astrology the “Hindu way.” It’s acually quite unique and complex – only trained and trusted astrologers (jyotish) really understand the intricacies.

Sadly, the good monks (to my knowledge) don’t offer an interpretation. See my chart (from them) below.



Rasi from Himalayan Academy

Rasi from Himalayan Academy


Without assistance I have no idea what anything above means. I’m certainly no jyotish practitioner. So like any modern young-ish human, I posted to Facebook asking for anyone who could point me in the right direction. One of my favorite Facebook friends, who I know only from Facebook and who my husband and I visited once a few years ago, has an uncle who knows the art. Her mother, another fine example of how humans ought to be, message me privately giving me the email contact for her brother. So I did it.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to reach out to him but I did and I’m glad for it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t familiar with the kind of chart I sent him. He returned my email with a request that I provide him with certain necessary information – usually things like date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. I provided the information as requested and his next email came very shortly asking what kind of things I would like to know from my chart. I emailed him my answer. Within a few brief days I received a response and a photo of the chart he worked up for me – which is below and looks a bit different than the one from the Himalayan Academy. You’ll notice similarities.


Rasi given by Uncle-ji

Rasi given by Uncle-ji


So that’s my birth chart. One of the best things this time around is that uncle-ji provided the kind of interpretation I sought initially. Below are some of the tidbits he revealed

  1. At present your luck is hundred percent favoring you . Transit of Saturn in your physical efforts house and looking at your luck house is good.
  2. Incidentally birth chart is also indicating Period of Saturn  period from july 2005 to july 2024. In this period please try to help poor specially [the groups of people he mentioned]. This will help you in moving ahead to achieve desire goals with blessings of unknown human beings.
  3. You may not be able to find favor and like by your own people but you are recognized by others.
  4. You will have all kind of luxuries in your life  but you have to maintain your character so as to reach the ultimate heights which you rightly deserve.
  5. Life is not smooth as you think it is full of miseries unwanted obstacles cheating frauds, especially if you share your feeling and ideas and future plans with juniors or younger and below of your status. Anyway dont worry,  maintain secrecy unless your mission is fully completed do not  disclose to any body.
  6. Next , avoid wearing black grey brown and smoke colors tops. Most important bring one silver elephant with rising trunk and keep it in the holy water and the whole body incl trunk is fully dip in the holy water.

So there you have it – well, some of it. This much is dark-n-wondrous, but I’ll spare you the darker-n-wondrous-er. After all, I’ve been advised not to share everything with all. Sounds like I need to research Saturn’s influence some more, up my generosity, lessen my naivety, don’t count entirely on my own people and be open to “blessings of unknown human beings.” (That last bit is something I’ll mentally chew on for a minute.)

The part that really stands out to me is what I have sectioned off as #4… the importance of maintaining character so as to reach the ultimate heights which are rightly deserved. This feels very at home with my path in Heartfulness and everything I’ve learned in Sahaj Marg – although, collectively we (the Sahaj Marg) aren’t huge proponents of things like astrology.

Any thoughts, dear readers? They are always welcome.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti


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