Two Thousand Fifteen

This year I think I interacted with more young people than usual. Well, more people who are younger than me than usual. It makes you feel old, quite frankly.

I know I should recognize this as natural – and I do. It’s a simple fact that the longer I live, and the better the quality of life becomes around the planet, then the greater the number of people younger than me becomes. Our aging population is growing, too. I recognize that. But for me, right now, what is standing out more and more is that I’m moving into that “aging and aged” group and am able to see, as an almost distinct sub-population, all those who are younger.

Thinking of where I’m headed, naturally, makes me think of old / older people. Old people are as much of a trip as young people. One thing I generally find true of all old people is that they’ve seen a lot. Current grandparents and great-grandparents have seen a number of wars and depressions and recessions and …. so much. And yet they keep moving. Some, like my maternal grandmother, are very resilient and strong beyond measure. I’m baffled by their energy – the quantity AND quality of it. Nothing holds them back. They just keep moving forward plugging along. Others are less resilient but still keep on keeping on – although, perhaps because of scars they carry they might hobble instead of zipping around as my grandmother does.

I’m not sure which end of that spectrum I’ll land in. In so many ways I’m very much my grandmother’s grandson. There’s fire in our bones that can be hard to manage let alone put out. But I’m still quite aware of parts of me inside that seem to be more feeble than they ought to be already. It really makes me wonder. Regardless of which kind of “old person” you might encounter or relate to I’m sure, like me, you’ll learn this one thing from them: Gotta keep moving.

The older generations teach me that you do what you can, as best you can, when you’re supposed to do it. And then you keep moving. You could be fighting joblessness, cancer, emotional instability, or a paper cut. It’ll pass, you can be sure of it – but you must keep moving. And the real kicker in this is the realization that to keep moving is truly your only option. It’s practically not even a choice. Everything keeps building and you keep moving with the build. Do a little or do a lot. Do all of it well or fail miserably in the process. Those are just the details – and regardless of those fine points Life will move forward. Bank on it. This lesson stands out to me right now as 2015 comes to a close.

2014 was quite literally nearly the end of me, and yet here I am writing to you, dear reader and friend, as a full year later has already come and gone. Looking back on 2015 makes me happy. I mean, for starters I’m alive. So … that’s a plus. I managed to juggle work, school, home, and spiritual lives with relative success and without serving jail time. I’m also mostly healthy, mostly wealthy, mostly good looking, and mostly sane. Despite the tougher times that also came with 2015 these are all really good things to look back on for my year-in-review. I hope you can say the same for yourself.

This is to be the final post here on Sthapati Samanvayam for the year 2015. Between now and then let us keep moving into the new year, together.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti


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