God of the Child

In Christian and other Abrahamic theology “child-like” faith is practically something to aspire to. You can read the New Testament and find a number of references to this. For many, this might sound like a bad thing. After all, the Bible also says to put away childish things when you are no longer a child. So why are we supposed to retain child-like faith? I don’t think I know the full answer, but I think the start of the answer is that children don’t often make things complicated in the same way adults do.

Grown-ups often, both knowingly and unknowingly, pollute things with emotions and thoughts that shouldn’t necessarily apply to a situation or question or … whatever. We carry things with us long after their usefulness and long after it’s healthy to have that baggage with us. We toss in politics and religious preferences and self-interest. Kids don’t usually, and when they do they certainly don’t do it in the ways we do or to the degree we do.

Back in January I came across a post on a blog, Avolara. You can read the post for yourself by clicking here. To me, this is a well written post and stems from a question which came from a child about the creation of everything – specifically, from the Christian creation story. The writer starts with that but goes in a Hindu direction with it. And that where the beauty really starts to shine through the child’s question. Something I was surprised to see not included in this post is the Brahmarpanam, which I think would have tied in nicely and further illustrated what the author was sharing with us.

Anyway, read the post or don’t. But do it. Definitely do it.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti


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