I mention Facebook a lot here on Sthapati Samanvayam. It’s really the only social media I used as much as I do and I find myself kinda getting bored of it. Still, there are plenty of times when something shared by someone else really hits me and this happened recently.

A video, from I-don’t-know-what, was shared and it was of the character Madea speaking to a young man who apparently had some life questions needing answered – apparently relating to others in his life. Lately I’ve been dealing with a tough situation in my own life. The situation is tough because it involves bad behavior and it involves a very old and good friend of mine, and it involves living situations which are changing due to the bad behavior.

These changes came about, initially, because of a conversation I started which demanded change and provided guidelines within which change was expected. This kind of event is one of the joys and burdens of being the “mean daddy” in your own home where others live. All in all, things are playing out almost as expected (my foresight can be REAL keen sometimes) and about as good as they were going to play out. Despite the challenging situation, itself, I’m convinced the future will be better because of this.

All of this, though, has really gotten me thinking about people in my life: Why they are here, why they come and go, why I allow bullshit from one person but no one else, Why I allow bullshit from others but not someone specific, … lots of “whys.” This relates directly to Madea’s wisdom. Those answers will come, by and by, and I’m not exactly worried about them. What does come to mind as something to be watchful of are the impressions these events and people make on me. Certainly, to some degree (whether large or small), we are who we are because of everything that led us to where we are right now. The jobs we’ve held. The choices me made or didn’t. The people we know and love … or don’t love. All of these things, along the way, leave marks on us. For anyone familiar with the concept of karma, this ties in directly to that – but that’s for another post.

The Sahaj path of Raja Yoga and Heartfulness practice have made me very aware of these marks or impressions and how far they reach and what some of their effects are. These impressions, whether we’re aware of them or not, are at the foundation of our thought patterns, actions, and reactionary habits. I think Madea’s wisdom to the young man is totally something I would say or have said to others when giving advice – something I am asked to do on a regular basis. But sometimes, when you’re so close to situational epicenters, it can be tough to know when to apply advice you have given to others. That happens with me sometimes. Not usually, but sometimes.

At any rate, I’ve included the video in this post for your viewing pleasure and potentially your betterment. I hope you enjoy Madea’s simple but profound advice and use it to become aware impressions you might carry.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti




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