The 36th

Me - at the completion of the 36th year of this life

Me – at the completion of the 36th year of this life

On the occasion of the 36th anniversary of my appearance I decided, quite randomly, to post a recent picture of myself (seen above) and to tell you about myself. Of course, if you’re a regular reader here you can already discern a few things about me, perhaps. If you read the list of 36 items below you might learn things about me you didn’t know – some of which might be surprising and some might not be. I won’t even begin to apologize for anything included here. It wouldn’t do any good.

  1. I was born on a Tuesday morning (a little before dawn) about 13,140 days ago, one day after a full moon (locally) and on a holiday known as Raksha Bandhan (according to the Internet), which happens to be one of my fav Hindu holidays.
  2. My favorite color is green and will probably be that through the end of my current life, although it has already been purple, gray, and a number of different blues.
  3. I can eat animals, but I can’t eat animals without feeling guilty for their suffering and feeling like I’m contributing to our planet’s destruction.
  4. I love the idea of fitness, but actually hate the process itself.
  5. I have always loved climbing trees, rivering, and traipsing and this will probably also remain true through the completion of my current life cycle.
  6. My favorite number is 108, because Hinduism.
  7. I hate numbers and math.
  8. I really dislike religion but also think it’s beautiful. Kinda like bath tub mold.
  9. There are some things I know, that I don’t know how I came to know (but I do have a hunch). But I do know them, really, and if you trust then you might benefit.
  10. People are the closest thing to God I’ve ever known and among them, my parents are the best. (Twameva mata cha pita twameva!)
  11. I’ve studied Gaelic, Russian, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hindi, Hebrew, Telegu, French, Spanish, German, Hawaiian, Esperanto, Japanese and a few other languages. My goal is rarely fluency.
  12. In addition to languages, I enjoy studying writing systems and make a hobby out of studying these.
  13. I almost never dream. Ever. I’m actually usually very aware throughout the entire night while my body sleeps. It’s weird and good.
  14. I have five tattoos… for now.
  15. I want to be a dad more than I want most other things. I’d give my soul to this end.
  16. I’ve been “bedside” for the deaths of two grandfathers, an aunt, a dear friend, and my birth mother. Through my tears, I whispered the Maha Mrytunjaya Mantra to them all.
  17. I have a fascination with chap stick and currently own something like 25 of them. I’m totally kissable.
  18. I hate shoes. I. Hate. Them. Every chance I get I’m barefoot or in flip-flops.
  19. When I die I’m going to become weather. Just weather. You can bank on that.
  20. I love gardening and growing things. All of the things.
  21. I round up whenever anything is “half or more” so I’ve been “40 years old” since my 35th birthday and will continue that trend until I’m actually phyisically 40 years old, at which time I’ll be nearing 45 years of age. This is math.
  22. I feel a stronger connection to most of the women in my family – moreso even than with most of the men I’m related to, with only a few exception in either case. Women are holy, even when they don’t know it.
  23. I almost certainly know one way in which I’m not going to die. Fancy, huh? I’m not saying anything more on that.
  24. My sexual appetite is INSANELY insatiable. It’s a real burden, actually, and often ridiculous.
  25. My favorite foods are chocolate, anything with paneer, chocolate, bourbon, and chocolate.
  26. I’m probably the most stubborn person you’re likely to meet, but in the best way.
  27. I usually get what I want (see #26), and it’s usually for your benefit (see #9).
  28. I am SO much like my dad. And I’m SO much like my birth mom. And I’m SO much like my step-mom. I really think I have three parents, because I really do.
  29. I can play the trumpet and the tuba, and can play a little clarinet, piano, violin, and kartals.
  30. I can read palms a bit and I’ve told people some accurate things they weren’t expecting. Even made a gal cry once when I told her something she thought no one else knew. I really do know some stuff.
  31. I have a habit of meeting strangers off the internet, specifically Facebook. This has been such a good thing in my life and has led to some of my best friendships. But you shouldn’t try it.
  32. I love to sing. And I’m only half bad at it.
  33. I’ve had “ghost” experiences, but none of any of the various definitions I’ve read for what a ghost is makes any sense to me. I don’t believe in “ghosts.”
  34. I’m about 70% ginger but it’s only really obvious when the lighting is just right.
  35. I once gave myself third-degree chemical burns to be rid of poison ivy. I had to grow my skin back and the nurse yelled at me for it. I like doing things my way but it scares my husband sometimes.
  36. I’m here to help others. Always – always – always. And to garden. And to learn stuff. But mostly to help others (See #27). That’s it.


  1. My husband’s side of the bed is my favorite place in the universe because I can feel and smell him there and it’s brings my heart organ peace.


Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti