Blogroll, if you please

Rolling with Vishnu: All Glories to the Lord. Written and maintained by a paraplegic Vaishnav.

Dive Deep Within : The busy blog of a Heartfulness trainer.

Inner Emanation: Sahaj Marg / Heartfulness practitioner, eater of plant-based foods, creative designer, and meditation facilitator. This space exudes peace and balance.

Heartfulness Magazine

Vibrant Subbu

The Heartbeats of a Philosophical Soul

Sahaj Marg Quest

Shri Ram Chandra Mission Books

Shri Ram Chandra Mission Quotes

Sahaj Marg Blog

Heartfulness.Org Blog

Sahaj Marg Daily Quotes from SRCM

Sahaj Marg Articles from SRCM

Yoga and Sahaj Marg

Uniqueness of Sahaj Marg

All You Need to Know about Hinduism: An immense resource on just about all things Hindu.

The Hindu Blog: A good resource for dates on the vast hindu calendar and other random, but useful information.

The Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association: Information and support for GLBTI Vaishnavs and Hindus.

The Anglo Hindu: Written by an English guy in Florida, who’s eager and open to discussion.

Also Hindu: A westerner and Sanatana Dharma.

Volara: An exploration of wisdom, joy, and devotion.

Rajanaka Sammelana: You are the secret the universe tells.

Mahaprana: Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy, and Transpersonal Counseling.


2 responses to “Blogroll, if you please

  1. Hi. Did a search for Amritapuri and gay and came across your blog.

    I am at the beginning stages of co-founding a new lgbt non-profit organization that is centered around multi-media art.

    I felt drawn to wanting to talk to you about it, as well as “Sister Unity Divine” that you mentioned.

    I look forward to hearing from you,



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