The Un-Mutant

Image taken from Google Image search

Image taken from Google Image search


I’ve been having more sittings than usual here lately… all in preparation for meeting Daaji at the end of this month. These sittings, while technically nothing special, have certainly felt different.

At the end of a recent sitting, the prefect who gave the sitting asked me how the sitting was – not in a specific tell-me-your-experience kinda way, but far more generally. I have been journaling some of these details, but thought – after talking to him about the experiences – to log them here, too…. well, partly. Kinda. I actually feel like remaining fairly guarded about this kinda stuff, but I think what I have planned to share here is fine, soo…What I’m actually telling here are the details of a dream I had. Mind you, that by itself is a rare occurence. I practically NEVER dream, or at least I never remember them. But this dream came after these special-but-not-special sittings began.

Reader, have you seen any of the X-Men movies? The most recent one, dealing with the mutant Apocalypse, hasn’t been out very long but the others are a bit older. One of the earlier ones has a scene that mirrors something from the dream I intend to share.

In a scene from one of the movies (I think it was Last Stand, 2006?) there is a clinical setting and in a certain room there’s a young male child. The whole setting is absolutely sterile – everything white, I think – even the boy’s clothing. If I recall correctly, he was even completely hairless. So sterile feeling, the entire scene. The mutant known as Beast (I think) approaches the boy and reaches out to touch the boy. As he reaches out and his hand nears the boy, the blue of Beasts skin and fur – even the fur itself – disappears. His entire mutant-ness, or at least the appearance of it, literally dissolves into nothing as he comes nearer to the boy, whose own mutant power is making that happen. As Beast pulls away from the boy, the fur and the blue return.

In my dream, something similar happened. I was at a conference in a setting like the one I’m expecting in New Jersey at the end of this month. There was a sequence of rather mundane events which was nothing unusual for what one would expect at any kind of conference, really. But then came time for me to meet Daaji in person for the first time and then to have a sitting with him directly.

As I entered the room where he was waiting to give the sitting I suddenly became aware of a fog surrounding me. And I mean it surrounded only my body, quite closely. If you’re familiar with the concept of an aura, it was just like that only cloudy and gray in color. This cloudy aura didn’t extend beyond my physical body more than probably 8 inches and it wasn’t suffocating or tough to “wear” or anything.

Then I entered the room and felt a gentle pressure on my body. It kind of felt like a type of full-body envelope or something. Daaji was on the other side of the room and so I began walking toward him. Much to my surprise, and much like Beast approaching the “pure” boy in the movie, the closer I got to Daaji the more I felt a kind of subtle wind which was gently blowing away the cloudy aura I carried.

As I came my nearest to him and started to seat myself, this subtle wind felt more intense or more focused or something. It wasn’t tough to withstand or anything and not uncomfortable. It really only affected the aura.

Without anything more than a slight “namaste” gesture, I seated myself before him in my usual meditation asana, closed my eyes, and steadily sank into deep meditation only vaguely aware of how very little of the gray aura still clung to me, all else burned off like a lake’s morning mist in the dawning sun.

Aum Shri Mahaganeshaya Namaha | Aum Shanti


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